Conoce a Dr. Levine

Excepcional", "Amable", "Comprensión” – Estas son solo algunas formas en que el Dr.. Levine, DDS, MD is often described. El Dr. ofrece las técnicas de cirugía oral más avanzadas en un ambiente cómodo y agradable.. George Levine top priorities. Dr. Levine provides full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery with special interest in full arch dental implant reconstruction and related bone grafting procedures, manejo de las muelas del juicio, exposición quirúrgica para ortodoncia, y eliminación de quistes y tumores benignos.

Doctor George Levine is a Western New York native and grew up in the city of Rochester. He received his BA in biochemistry and molecular biology from Boston University (Magna cum Laude). Dr. Levine graduated from Columbia with a DDS in 2015 and continued post-doctoral training in oral surgery as a resident at Northwell. In 2018, he was awarded an MD from Stony Brook, and in 2019 a certificate in general surgery from North Shore Hospital. By 2021 he completed the Northwell six-year residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery under chairman Dr. Hirsch. After graduating, Dr. Levine worked in a private practice oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology under the tutelage of Dr. Protzel. During his fourteen years of professional training after high school, Dr. Levine was lucky to meet his wife Kathryn, and together they had their son James in 2017.