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Buffalo Oral Surgery is a well-oiled and experienced operation that has served the Western New York area for the past 40 years. We pride ourselves in being the only Oral Surgery provider within the city of Buffalo. We see an opportunity to grow in volumebecause even with our current presence, Buffalo remains an underserved community.

This position provides a unique opportunity for a surgeon to immediately become the lead provider at a high-volume private practice. The candidate chosen will immediately be given professional autonomy, high compensation, and scheduling flexibility.

Why Buffalo?

At first glance, Buffalo may not have initial allure like other big markets. Sin embargo, Buffalo is a historic city with a rich food culture, almost no traffic, and a low overall cost of living. Here in Buffalo, we have many amazing suburb communities that are in close proximity to the city, as well as many of the top private schools in the state. There are close to 1.1 million people in and around the Buffalo area; a city that boasts the amenities of a big city, but the overall feel of a small town. We are also only minutes from the Canadian border and a short 1.5-hour commute to the city of Toronto.

We are invested in the community of Western New York.

Buffalo is a special place full of people that have a lot of heart and pride. We support our community by contributing to community driven fundraisers that help area schools, sports teams, and local art initiatives. Ultimately, we are service providers who are here to help better our community.

Patient wait time is still a huge problem for Western New Yorkers.

Our goal is to continue to provide the highest-level care and to find a surgeon that is motivated to do so in the city of Buffalo. Adding a full-time surgeon will allow us to better serve the increased demand in our community.

Competitive compensation is not just for big markets.

Any hired surgeon can expect the highest level of compensation. Production-based incentives and flexible scheduling will give our surgeons a positive work-life balance. We take pride in beingthe anti-DSOoption for well-trained surgeons.

We offer:

-Full Professional Autonomy

-Competitive Signing Bonus

-The Highest Level of Ethics

-Flexible Work Week

-Experienced/Efficient Support Staff

-Production Based Incentives

-Steady Case Flow and Referral Base


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